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cac mods

Starting today, all crowdfunding supporters can create their official Cattle and Crops user account. At the same time we’re introducing our new forums – a central place for our community to share, ask questions and discuss. We’ve created this universal account in order for you to have a single access point to CnC. Meaning, the account will not only work with the board, but in the future it’ll enable you to download and play CnC.

CaC mods

Check your emails (and if necessary the spam folder) and you’ll find a profile activation link. Initially, forum access will only be available for crowdfunding supporters. Regular registration options will be implemented subsequently.

We’re currently in the process of finishing models for Early Access, such as vehicles and buildings, and implementing biogas, staff and animal functions, and quests and sounds.

Our focus, though, is currently set on preparing the internal testing phase, in order to put vehicles, gameplay, terrain and UI through their paces. After successful completion of the test phase, we’ll initialize the Early Access program as planned by the end of March. We’ll be able to announce an exact date after finishing the internal test phase.


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